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I want to express my deep and sincere thankfulness to my master, Grand Master Mantak Chia, to have given me the opportunity to publicly share the discovery of the DRAGON CHI WAVE. Thanks to him, I could realise this film and put it on the internet through his wide network of connections. I feel so happy when I think about all the benefits and authentic joys this universal discovery will brings to the world…
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logo_nouveau_INTERNETThe DRAGON QI WAVE  © : a new exploration and fundamental discovery of the TAO essence
Dragon Qi Wave conference By Thierry DOCRINAL in Tao Garden , Thailand, july 2010

Within more than 20 years of practice with his different Chinese Masters could THIERRY
DOCTRINAL develop a deep experience of Energy Arts.

His research supports him today in highlighting and formalizing the internal fundamental movement that generates the flow of life force, in profound harmony with the fundamental laws of the TAO.

This inner wave that is perceived by all body senses is witnessing our capacity of guiding Earth and Heaven Chi, of connecting to Qi. The positive and healing effects of Qi perception on health, wellbeing and spiritual development will be multiplied.

With the inner wave you’ll be merged in sense and depth, joy and peace, inner power and softness.

The Inner wave nourishes our ability to welcome and give, it renews the harmony of Feminine and Masculine.

The teaching skills of the inner wave allow a rapid access to the mastery of the fundamental movements, for beginners and experts.

Knowing how to generate the DRAGON QI WAVE is not a Qigong form. It is a universal ability that is common to all energy and healing arts.

The DRAGON WAVE will open your energetic and spiritual horizon and will make you keep your practice and your present path in the same time.

The DRAGON WAVE will be expressed on a very concrete and palpable manner in :

  • the Tai Ji
  • the Non – Doing or Wu Wei
  • the reunion of Feminine and Masculine principles
  • the connexion to Mother earth healing energies and the Grace of Heaven


  • rises from the Human Being, from his centre
  • connects permanently to Mother Earth and Heaven’s Qi
  • will generate free flow and structure, softness and power
  • is feeling and energy
  • will get you back into alignment
  • will guide you to integrity